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Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is war!

*Sunday, April 25, ‘10....raining all day, started last night...temp:~55.

If you are under the impression that plants are these stupid, inanimate objects that pretty much just sit there, you are sooo very mistaken. Plants, especially weeds, are beyond brilliant. Case in point: There is a weed, a very tricky weed too, that has taken over my poppy patch. At least it is trying to. You may ask why I didn’t take care of it before it got hold. Well, that’s where I was tricked! This sneaky little weed bares a striking resemblance to the poppy when they first emerge from the ground. So it just sat there with me none the wiser about its duplicitous behavior, looking all ready to burst into bloom like the other poppies and then.....not!

It’s uncanny how weeds can do this, hide in plain sight! No wonder there is no getting rid of them. They’re like the rats, cockroaches and carpenter ants of the flora kingdom! You may not see them, oh they do know how to hide, biding their time but you know they are there, waiting to come out and cause trouble. You don’t see the weed sometimes until it’s too late and it’s gone to seed. Then the wind picks up, their seeds get thrown far and wide and within another week your yard is inundated with more weeds. UGH!

But I’m wise to this poppy-impersonator now. It took a while but I know the difference now as subtle as they are. So subtle in fact Tommy asked why I was pulling out all my poppies.

“They’re not poppies. See?” I said holding out a weed while pointing to the real poppy.

He looked from one to the other and said, not at all convincing, “Uh...yeah, if you say so.”

To the untrained eye, to the unobservant gardener, weeds can be a terrible invading army, enemies to our precious gardens. Our only weapon is careful scrutiny of our territory, a discerning eye and yes, a trowel and digging fork. Keep them at the ready, folks. This is war!*

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A whole Saturday to garden!

*Saturday, April 24,’10...temp~65...sunny...slight breeze.

What a lovely day! Okay, it started chilly but by noon time it was great. Had planned on more weeding in the backyard but it’s always the garden that tells me what to do. Today it led me to the backfield where the Miscanthus hedge glared at me. But first I had to get rid of all that grass Tyler cut yesterday and left in the cart for me to do with it whatever I will. I used it to mulch the driveway garden. While there I remembered the Cork-screw willow that needs to be planted along the back field fence.

So that’s what I did, I dug it up and planted it there. Had to remove that tiny Hybrid willow that never seems to do much. I potted that tiny thing and hope to find someone to take it away. It’s starting to annoy me. The neighbor was funny as I was trying out various positions before setting the tree right.

“It’s crooked!” he yelled. What? Like I didn’t know that? I got it straight after a while then I offered a couple of Lilacs to them. I asked how many they wanted (I have soooo many and I’m quickly running out of places to put them) “Uh...2?” I just laughed and dug them out for them. Hope they like them. Don’t remember if they are the white blooming or regular purple. They’ll soon find out, won’t they?

I took the clippers to the tall grass clumps and made quite a mess. Well, it was a mess already so I made it a more manageable mess...I suppose. I couldn’t believe how many quaking Aspen trees constantly emerge in that perennial border. Will I ever be rid of them??? And the Viburnums! They’re all over the place. Chopped down ten at least and have another dozen to do next time. Wish I had a place to put them but geeze-louise, I only have 4 acres and they are rapidly filling. OY! Should open up a dollar plant store. There’s an idea!

This little cutie appeared out of nowhere. Don't even know what it is. Sure is pretty though!

Lavender creeping phlox

Fern got a bit nipped by frost last night.

Hosta emerging.

Grape Hyacinths

Tulips looking up.

The only tulips the deer haven't seen, therefore they live!

Apple blossoms

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is it possible to have too green a thumb?

An evergreen thumb perhaps? Or is it as Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, “Life will not be denied.”? Well, let’s see. I have Lily-of-the-Valley, Crane’s Bill and pachysandra creeping into the walkway, Columbines, Grape Hyacinths, Poppies and Black-eyed Susans re-seeding themselves wherever they like (which consequently is where I don’t like), Violet’s, spearmint, and Vinca Minor growing in the lawn and a slew of baby Maple, Ash and Yoshino cherry trees everywhere! No, life will not be denied. That is for sure and certain.

Finally found the Yellow twig dogwood shrub. It’s in the backyard in the shrub border behind the rosa Rugosa hedge. I forgot I transplanted it there. I've decided I have far too many Honeysuckle bushes! They’re all over the place and I found yet another Yoshino Cherry tree poking out from under Tommy’s southern Magnolia. How could I have missed that one last year?

Pretty pink tulips

* No one said anything about rain!*

Thursday, April 22...frosty morn...sunny and 70 by noon until black clouds rolled on in.

Looking through my seed collection and I can’t believe I have no Sweet peas. And I did so want some this year. My resolution not to buy any more seeds until my stash is down from 2 bulging boxes to only one half filled one is wearing thin. Bother! I can do this...I can. Just gotta stay clear of anyplace selling seeds. This time of year that leaves the post office, the local bar and the dentist. Well... I’ll just stay in my garden is all...until autumn. Can’t spend too time in the garden, can I?

Well, being I got rained out of my garden after only an hour out there weeding....bother again!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That's when you know you truly have friends....they send you flowers!

Pretty sunshiny yellow Tulips

A friend's gift to me

Dewy Beauties

Tulips from beyond

Starting afresh

*Monday, April 19...temp ~58, mostly sunny.

Tulips are out! Forgot all about them. Thought the deer had gotten them all but no. Here is proof I can keep something away and safe from the meandering beasts. Now I’ll be tempted to get more in the autumn for the back yard. Deer can’t get in there! Pays to plant all sorts of deer-proof hedges, doesn’t it? There is still plenty of stuff they get to but their usual trek through my yard has been altered enough so mostly all is safe. That’s all you can do sometimes.

The hills around my house are really showing their spring colors, chartreuse, brick red, orange, yellowish-green and of course spring green. Maples in bloom are glowing red, the beech, orange and poplars are yellow green. The willows are that lovely spring green. All together it's almost as nice as autumn...nah, it's better!

Tuesday, April 20....temp~ 62, mostly sunny.

The yews in the front yard look even worse than last year. Gotta get rid of them. Ah, but how to convince Tommy? So glad I moved the Golden False Cypress to the side yard shrub boarder. It’s doing so much better there without being over shadowed by the weeping Kwanzan cherry tree on one side and the Arborvitae on the other.

Must do some serious pruning on the menace cottoneaster. It looks horrible...well, it’s actually all the weeds that get stuck within its thorny branches that the ugly part.

Wednesday, April 21....temp~65, partly cloudy.

Finally done with the rugosas. It’ll grow in nicely now. Must remember to keep it trimmed so I won’t have to do that again! Oy, what a pain, quite literally. Thorns stuck me everywhere, even through the gloves, two sweatshirts and jeans!

The compost pile is tall now with all those discarded branches! I found the prettiest little flower growing in the back field along the rock wall. Must be a wild flower, I didn’t plant it surely. It was pale pink with darker pink veining, very nice. Like a cross between a creeping phlox and a blue-eyed grass. Will have to take a picture and see if anyone can tell me what it is. Saw that the Hosta and ferns are all emerging nicely but then why wouldn’t they? You can’t kill those things even if you try. Again why would you?

The Miscanthus hedge looks woe-be-gone indeed. Needs trimming desperately. I’m sure I’ll find a few critters nesting in that mess but they’ll find new home for the summer and the birds can use the spent leaves for building their own summer dwellings. Works out good. The azaleas are starting to bloom as is the Weeping Ornamental Peach. Should take a close-up photo of one of its magenta blossoms. The peonies are popping all over the place. Can you have too many peonies? I’m starting to think so.

Wild onions have invaded the poppy patch. Where the heck did they come from? That’s what I wanna know. Started digging them out. That will take a while. Creeping phlox is blooming, the white in front and the lavender one on the rock garden. The flowering quince is almost coming now. A few blooms here and there. It’s not doing as well as I’d like. Perhaps I should move it...but where? Front shrub boarder? That could be. I’ll scope out a good place for it.

Saw my first dog-tooth's tooth nor is it violet colored. It’s yellow for Pete’s sake! The daffodils I planted around the pole barn are looking mighty fine. Their dying foliage won’t even be visible amongst all the Daylilies too. Just perfect! Love it when things are perfect!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Attack of the Killer Rugosas

Monday, April 12, 2010....58, sunny.

Yesterday was Justin’s Birthday and tomorrow is Tommy’s. Great day for gardening. Cooler than I like (had to wait til noon before I would stick my toes outdoors) but it’s always cool in the mornings in the Poconos. You’d think I’d be used to it by now!

It was better this way, cool I mean, because I wouldn’t want to deal with those killer Rosa Rugosas without several layers of clothing. And even then the blasted things attacked me! Well, in their defense, I was attacking them first but still...I’m doing them a favor. They look scraggly with all those dead stems stuck in there. This way, almost starting from scratch, will get them growing in nicely again. But it wasn’t nice when one of the stems whipped up and scratched me across the face. I was lucky. It could easily have gotten my eyes. YIKES! Note to self: get goggles.

Tuesday, April 13....temp~52, cloudy and cool.

It’s truly amazing how much difference the sun makes. It’s the difference between being comfortable in a sweatshirt or having your teeth chatter with a coat on. Thus it’s an indoor day.

Got tons of seeds sown today, both vegetables and flowers, but they are inside in the not-to-be-used until-I-say-so dining room. The greenhouse is still too chilly at night for germination and I am determined to have large, healthy ready-to-bloom plants by the time June 1st comes around. That’s last frost date plus 2 weeks just to make extra sure.

I recall all too painfully that really “nice” spring we had several years back that promised a great growing season only to have that nasty Jack Frost come at my freshly planted and very fragile little tomatoes, peppers and eggplants with a killer touch on May 28! What the heck, you know? Last frost date is supposed to be May 15 in the Poconos. I wanted to scream. Actually....I think I did. If I remember correctly, I scared some crows out of the maples.

Wednesday, April 14, sunny and sad...temp~65.

Cut the grass on the sand mound and around the trees by the fence. Good to have working lawn mowers and the tractor too. Quite the workout pushing those darn things. I should sleep tonight. Maybe not.

Found out last night about a Helium friend’s unexpected death. So shocked and depressed. He was such a sweet guy too. Why can’t all the evil, nasty, no-good bastards die instead? I know the answer. There can’t be good without bad, night without day, light without dark, soft without hard, ying without yang. Just the way it is. Still so sad...
Thursday, April 15....... sunny...Temp~66.

More grass cutting this time Tommy’s Great Lawn/Field of Dreams ( or as any normal person would call it, the meadow) I think he actually is still hoping Shoeless Joe will appear one day out of the Scots Pines on the boundary line. Good luck with that!

Riding that tractor is mindless and very noisy work. Not to mention it gets grass flying everywhere and especially in the eyes. Where are those goggles??? Got it done just in time to get changed to get Justin from PCDC. Couldn’t believe I got grass even in my bra! And that’s with a sweatshirt over a long sleeved top, too. What the heck, huh?

Friday, April 16.....drizzly..Temp.~55....overcast with bits of thunder when you least expect it. Same for rest of weekend.

Stayed in to do laundry and other overdue housework. Rainy days are good for something.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden log: Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010..... Temp:68....Sunny, breezy.

Since I out-did myself ,or rather my back, I took the day off from the endless garden chores. Star Magnolias in bloom now. Saw them from the bedroom window and promised to drag Tommy out there to go smell them even if I know they’ll make him sneeze. Have to bring in a few flowers just ‘cause they smell that good. Don’t care what anyone says, least of all Shakespear with his “Rose by any other name...” Magnolia’s scent is far superior to the rose in my humble opinion. Of course they are not the hardiest of flowers off the branch so they didn’t look too good for too long in the vase. Ah, well, enjoying them on the tree/shrub is best it seems.

Monday, April 5............temp: 76.........sunny.

How bizarre! New development shows up between Tafton and Hawley, Whispering Pines, they call it, and guess what they planted on either side of their impressive sign? You would think pines are in order but no. They’re Norway Spruces and to make things worse there is not a pine anywhere in sight. What the heck? Should have consulted me before they made this blunder but I don’t suppose anyone but me and the Lorax would care. All I can do is try to educate the poor dolts. Not all evergreens are pines, folks. Read this if you want more proof:

Beautiful day but no gardening. I gotta act like driver mom and pick up, drop off and pick up again. OY!

Tuesday, April 6......temp: 75....rainy in morning, clearing up in afternoon.

Out of the bathroom window I saw yellow winged black birds eating the dropped sunflower seeds. Pity they never stay for very long. The finches can be so messy! But I suppose it works out fine with the ground feeder to clean up the mess. Mourning doves looking mighty chubby and they still love to perch on the roof to serenade me with their mournful coo-coo-coo. The funny little woodpecker was back. Heard him tap-tap-tapping on the nearly-dead birch trees by the shade garden.

My forsythia hedge is blooming a bright sunny yellow. Who would know to look at that lush growth that I got those plants from cuttings. This bunch of forsythia is doing very well plus the one in the back-40.

I really should stop calling it that as it isn’t exactly 40 acres but it is toward the back of the property. Perhaps one acre it is but can I really call it the back-1? Sounds silly to me. Nice back there with several perennial beds, a shrub border and a would-be greenhouse that has yet to see the light of day if Tommy doesn’t get some time off to finish it for me.

Still have the other 2 so I really shouldn’t complain. Just wish they were heated so I could start things earlier. As it is it still gets too cold at night for seedling to germinate. Ah, well, such is life in the Pocono mountains.

Wednesday, April 7.........temp: 76.........rain, mostly cloudy

Isn’t it always the case? I was too busy yesterday to do anything in the garden but I knew I would have all of today but I wake up to stormy clouds and wet drizzly weather. Bother! Rainy days are necessary for the gardener anyway. No, not just to bring may flowers but so we have some time to do the laundry! The house of the seriously obsessed gardener always suffers once spring come around. Anyone can tell you this is true!

Tommy used his birthday coupon from the true-value hardware store for $10 off anything to get me potting soil. Thought that was super nice of him. But that means I got no excuse to put off planting those vegetable seeds. Cats are not going to be happy. I’ll need to confiscate their window seat to germinate my seedlings. It’s nice and warm there you see. Cats should be going outside anyway to catch those evil lettuce-chewing bunnies, the strawberry stealing field mice and thoroughly ugly menacing moles.

Thursday, April 8....temp: 75, light breeze.

Coming back from dropping off Justin I could help but smile. The grey and brown hills around the house have taken on a spring green hue and a rosy-rusty red haze. The red is from the maples, beeches and other trees blooming. No it’s not as spectacular as the cherry trees in Washington DC but it still looks nice, like fairies came by overnight to brush at branch tips with a paint brush. Nice of them, huh?

The orchard is bursting into bloom! The apples, plum, peach and hazelnuts are beautiful! My fountain cherry and weeping Kwanzan cherry trees in the back yard are as well. Daffodils are up and blooming as are the bright blue Pushkinia, Hyacynths and my tiny alliums should be coming up soon, too. What a pretty sight! Where is that camera?

Uh-oh, another casualty to the winter. My little elf statue looked so cute last year laying on his tummy and grinning up between the rose bushes. But now parts of him crumbled away. Here's the lesson: always protect statues with a coat of paint or varnish to keep moisture out. And to think, I didn't even want the goofy looking thing at first and now I'm gonna miss him if I can't glue him back together somehow. We'll see.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Japanese Anemonies

Hummingbird sculpture at Longwood

Justin and Me in a Bamboo grove in Miami's Flamingo Garden Wildlife Sanctuary with Alexis, Brandon and Tyler lurking behind us

Last lonely Clematis of the season.

The fountains at Longwood Garden lest you think this is in my yard!

Can't decide which one is more fabulous.

Tommy seemed to like this one for some bizarre reason.

Front shrub border

Roses in the front bed.

The Butterfly house at Hersey Gardens

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red Rose of Greentown doesn't quite sound as lively as Yellow Rose of Texas does it?

My Daylily hill abloom.

Late blooming (already October in this shot) Monk's Hood with the tree Wisteria in background

Butterfly on Sweet Autumn Clematis

Miscanthus Hedge surrounding the secret perennial bed...shhh!

Double delight Rose in front bed

Back yard Maples in their Autumn splendor

Night blooming Tropical Water Lily in Longwood's wate garden

Aptly placed Butterfly on Butterfly bush.

Butterfly sitting on Black-eyed Susan

Cucumber Magnolia