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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Attack of the Killer Rugosas

Monday, April 12, 2010....58, sunny.

Yesterday was Justin’s Birthday and tomorrow is Tommy’s. Great day for gardening. Cooler than I like (had to wait til noon before I would stick my toes outdoors) but it’s always cool in the mornings in the Poconos. You’d think I’d be used to it by now!

It was better this way, cool I mean, because I wouldn’t want to deal with those killer Rosa Rugosas without several layers of clothing. And even then the blasted things attacked me! Well, in their defense, I was attacking them first but still...I’m doing them a favor. They look scraggly with all those dead stems stuck in there. This way, almost starting from scratch, will get them growing in nicely again. But it wasn’t nice when one of the stems whipped up and scratched me across the face. I was lucky. It could easily have gotten my eyes. YIKES! Note to self: get goggles.

Tuesday, April 13....temp~52, cloudy and cool.

It’s truly amazing how much difference the sun makes. It’s the difference between being comfortable in a sweatshirt or having your teeth chatter with a coat on. Thus it’s an indoor day.

Got tons of seeds sown today, both vegetables and flowers, but they are inside in the not-to-be-used until-I-say-so dining room. The greenhouse is still too chilly at night for germination and I am determined to have large, healthy ready-to-bloom plants by the time June 1st comes around. That’s last frost date plus 2 weeks just to make extra sure.

I recall all too painfully that really “nice” spring we had several years back that promised a great growing season only to have that nasty Jack Frost come at my freshly planted and very fragile little tomatoes, peppers and eggplants with a killer touch on May 28! What the heck, you know? Last frost date is supposed to be May 15 in the Poconos. I wanted to scream. Actually....I think I did. If I remember correctly, I scared some crows out of the maples.

Wednesday, April 14, sunny and sad...temp~65.

Cut the grass on the sand mound and around the trees by the fence. Good to have working lawn mowers and the tractor too. Quite the workout pushing those darn things. I should sleep tonight. Maybe not.

Found out last night about a Helium friend’s unexpected death. So shocked and depressed. He was such a sweet guy too. Why can’t all the evil, nasty, no-good bastards die instead? I know the answer. There can’t be good without bad, night without day, light without dark, soft without hard, ying without yang. Just the way it is. Still so sad...
Thursday, April 15....... sunny...Temp~66.

More grass cutting this time Tommy’s Great Lawn/Field of Dreams ( or as any normal person would call it, the meadow) I think he actually is still hoping Shoeless Joe will appear one day out of the Scots Pines on the boundary line. Good luck with that!

Riding that tractor is mindless and very noisy work. Not to mention it gets grass flying everywhere and especially in the eyes. Where are those goggles??? Got it done just in time to get changed to get Justin from PCDC. Couldn’t believe I got grass even in my bra! And that’s with a sweatshirt over a long sleeved top, too. What the heck, huh?

Friday, April 16.....drizzly..Temp.~55....overcast with bits of thunder when you least expect it. Same for rest of weekend.

Stayed in to do laundry and other overdue housework. Rainy days are good for something.

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