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Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden log: Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010..... Temp:68....Sunny, breezy.

Since I out-did myself ,or rather my back, I took the day off from the endless garden chores. Star Magnolias in bloom now. Saw them from the bedroom window and promised to drag Tommy out there to go smell them even if I know they’ll make him sneeze. Have to bring in a few flowers just ‘cause they smell that good. Don’t care what anyone says, least of all Shakespear with his “Rose by any other name...” Magnolia’s scent is far superior to the rose in my humble opinion. Of course they are not the hardiest of flowers off the branch so they didn’t look too good for too long in the vase. Ah, well, enjoying them on the tree/shrub is best it seems.

Monday, April 5............temp: 76.........sunny.

How bizarre! New development shows up between Tafton and Hawley, Whispering Pines, they call it, and guess what they planted on either side of their impressive sign? You would think pines are in order but no. They’re Norway Spruces and to make things worse there is not a pine anywhere in sight. What the heck? Should have consulted me before they made this blunder but I don’t suppose anyone but me and the Lorax would care. All I can do is try to educate the poor dolts. Not all evergreens are pines, folks. Read this if you want more proof:

Beautiful day but no gardening. I gotta act like driver mom and pick up, drop off and pick up again. OY!

Tuesday, April 6......temp: 75....rainy in morning, clearing up in afternoon.

Out of the bathroom window I saw yellow winged black birds eating the dropped sunflower seeds. Pity they never stay for very long. The finches can be so messy! But I suppose it works out fine with the ground feeder to clean up the mess. Mourning doves looking mighty chubby and they still love to perch on the roof to serenade me with their mournful coo-coo-coo. The funny little woodpecker was back. Heard him tap-tap-tapping on the nearly-dead birch trees by the shade garden.

My forsythia hedge is blooming a bright sunny yellow. Who would know to look at that lush growth that I got those plants from cuttings. This bunch of forsythia is doing very well plus the one in the back-40.

I really should stop calling it that as it isn’t exactly 40 acres but it is toward the back of the property. Perhaps one acre it is but can I really call it the back-1? Sounds silly to me. Nice back there with several perennial beds, a shrub border and a would-be greenhouse that has yet to see the light of day if Tommy doesn’t get some time off to finish it for me.

Still have the other 2 so I really shouldn’t complain. Just wish they were heated so I could start things earlier. As it is it still gets too cold at night for seedling to germinate. Ah, well, such is life in the Pocono mountains.

Wednesday, April 7.........temp: 76.........rain, mostly cloudy

Isn’t it always the case? I was too busy yesterday to do anything in the garden but I knew I would have all of today but I wake up to stormy clouds and wet drizzly weather. Bother! Rainy days are necessary for the gardener anyway. No, not just to bring may flowers but so we have some time to do the laundry! The house of the seriously obsessed gardener always suffers once spring come around. Anyone can tell you this is true!

Tommy used his birthday coupon from the true-value hardware store for $10 off anything to get me potting soil. Thought that was super nice of him. But that means I got no excuse to put off planting those vegetable seeds. Cats are not going to be happy. I’ll need to confiscate their window seat to germinate my seedlings. It’s nice and warm there you see. Cats should be going outside anyway to catch those evil lettuce-chewing bunnies, the strawberry stealing field mice and thoroughly ugly menacing moles.

Thursday, April 8....temp: 75, light breeze.

Coming back from dropping off Justin I could help but smile. The grey and brown hills around the house have taken on a spring green hue and a rosy-rusty red haze. The red is from the maples, beeches and other trees blooming. No it’s not as spectacular as the cherry trees in Washington DC but it still looks nice, like fairies came by overnight to brush at branch tips with a paint brush. Nice of them, huh?

The orchard is bursting into bloom! The apples, plum, peach and hazelnuts are beautiful! My fountain cherry and weeping Kwanzan cherry trees in the back yard are as well. Daffodils are up and blooming as are the bright blue Pushkinia, Hyacynths and my tiny alliums should be coming up soon, too. What a pretty sight! Where is that camera?

Uh-oh, another casualty to the winter. My little elf statue looked so cute last year laying on his tummy and grinning up between the rose bushes. But now parts of him crumbled away. Here's the lesson: always protect statues with a coat of paint or varnish to keep moisture out. And to think, I didn't even want the goofy looking thing at first and now I'm gonna miss him if I can't glue him back together somehow. We'll see.

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