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My Peeps!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

* No one said anything about rain!*

Thursday, April 22...frosty morn...sunny and 70 by noon until black clouds rolled on in.

Looking through my seed collection and I can’t believe I have no Sweet peas. And I did so want some this year. My resolution not to buy any more seeds until my stash is down from 2 bulging boxes to only one half filled one is wearing thin. Bother! I can do this...I can. Just gotta stay clear of anyplace selling seeds. This time of year that leaves the post office, the local bar and the dentist. Well... I’ll just stay in my garden is all...until autumn. Can’t spend too time in the garden, can I?

Well, being I got rained out of my garden after only an hour out there weeding....bother again!

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