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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting afresh

*Monday, April 19...temp ~58, mostly sunny.

Tulips are out! Forgot all about them. Thought the deer had gotten them all but no. Here is proof I can keep something away and safe from the meandering beasts. Now I’ll be tempted to get more in the autumn for the back yard. Deer can’t get in there! Pays to plant all sorts of deer-proof hedges, doesn’t it? There is still plenty of stuff they get to but their usual trek through my yard has been altered enough so mostly all is safe. That’s all you can do sometimes.

The hills around my house are really showing their spring colors, chartreuse, brick red, orange, yellowish-green and of course spring green. Maples in bloom are glowing red, the beech, orange and poplars are yellow green. The willows are that lovely spring green. All together it's almost as nice as autumn...nah, it's better!

Tuesday, April 20....temp~ 62, mostly sunny.

The yews in the front yard look even worse than last year. Gotta get rid of them. Ah, but how to convince Tommy? So glad I moved the Golden False Cypress to the side yard shrub boarder. It’s doing so much better there without being over shadowed by the weeping Kwanzan cherry tree on one side and the Arborvitae on the other.

Must do some serious pruning on the menace cottoneaster. It looks horrible...well, it’s actually all the weeds that get stuck within its thorny branches that the ugly part.

Wednesday, April 21....temp~65, partly cloudy.

Finally done with the rugosas. It’ll grow in nicely now. Must remember to keep it trimmed so I won’t have to do that again! Oy, what a pain, quite literally. Thorns stuck me everywhere, even through the gloves, two sweatshirts and jeans!

The compost pile is tall now with all those discarded branches! I found the prettiest little flower growing in the back field along the rock wall. Must be a wild flower, I didn’t plant it surely. It was pale pink with darker pink veining, very nice. Like a cross between a creeping phlox and a blue-eyed grass. Will have to take a picture and see if anyone can tell me what it is. Saw that the Hosta and ferns are all emerging nicely but then why wouldn’t they? You can’t kill those things even if you try. Again why would you?

The Miscanthus hedge looks woe-be-gone indeed. Needs trimming desperately. I’m sure I’ll find a few critters nesting in that mess but they’ll find new home for the summer and the birds can use the spent leaves for building their own summer dwellings. Works out good. The azaleas are starting to bloom as is the Weeping Ornamental Peach. Should take a close-up photo of one of its magenta blossoms. The peonies are popping all over the place. Can you have too many peonies? I’m starting to think so.

Wild onions have invaded the poppy patch. Where the heck did they come from? That’s what I wanna know. Started digging them out. That will take a while. Creeping phlox is blooming, the white in front and the lavender one on the rock garden. The flowering quince is almost coming now. A few blooms here and there. It’s not doing as well as I’d like. Perhaps I should move it...but where? Front shrub boarder? That could be. I’ll scope out a good place for it.

Saw my first dog-tooth's tooth nor is it violet colored. It’s yellow for Pete’s sake! The daffodils I planted around the pole barn are looking mighty fine. Their dying foliage won’t even be visible amongst all the Daylilies too. Just perfect! Love it when things are perfect!

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