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Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is war!

*Sunday, April 25, ‘10....raining all day, started last night...temp:~55.

If you are under the impression that plants are these stupid, inanimate objects that pretty much just sit there, you are sooo very mistaken. Plants, especially weeds, are beyond brilliant. Case in point: There is a weed, a very tricky weed too, that has taken over my poppy patch. At least it is trying to. You may ask why I didn’t take care of it before it got hold. Well, that’s where I was tricked! This sneaky little weed bares a striking resemblance to the poppy when they first emerge from the ground. So it just sat there with me none the wiser about its duplicitous behavior, looking all ready to burst into bloom like the other poppies and then.....not!

It’s uncanny how weeds can do this, hide in plain sight! No wonder there is no getting rid of them. They’re like the rats, cockroaches and carpenter ants of the flora kingdom! You may not see them, oh they do know how to hide, biding their time but you know they are there, waiting to come out and cause trouble. You don’t see the weed sometimes until it’s too late and it’s gone to seed. Then the wind picks up, their seeds get thrown far and wide and within another week your yard is inundated with more weeds. UGH!

But I’m wise to this poppy-impersonator now. It took a while but I know the difference now as subtle as they are. So subtle in fact Tommy asked why I was pulling out all my poppies.

“They’re not poppies. See?” I said holding out a weed while pointing to the real poppy.

He looked from one to the other and said, not at all convincing, “Uh...yeah, if you say so.”

To the untrained eye, to the unobservant gardener, weeds can be a terrible invading army, enemies to our precious gardens. Our only weapon is careful scrutiny of our territory, a discerning eye and yes, a trowel and digging fork. Keep them at the ready, folks. This is war!*

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  1. LOL, the same thing happened to me one year with blanket flowers! And the weeds, after I look at them so long they all start to look alike.


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