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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A whole Saturday to garden!

*Saturday, April 24,’10...temp~65...sunny...slight breeze.

What a lovely day! Okay, it started chilly but by noon time it was great. Had planned on more weeding in the backyard but it’s always the garden that tells me what to do. Today it led me to the backfield where the Miscanthus hedge glared at me. But first I had to get rid of all that grass Tyler cut yesterday and left in the cart for me to do with it whatever I will. I used it to mulch the driveway garden. While there I remembered the Cork-screw willow that needs to be planted along the back field fence.

So that’s what I did, I dug it up and planted it there. Had to remove that tiny Hybrid willow that never seems to do much. I potted that tiny thing and hope to find someone to take it away. It’s starting to annoy me. The neighbor was funny as I was trying out various positions before setting the tree right.

“It’s crooked!” he yelled. What? Like I didn’t know that? I got it straight after a while then I offered a couple of Lilacs to them. I asked how many they wanted (I have soooo many and I’m quickly running out of places to put them) “Uh...2?” I just laughed and dug them out for them. Hope they like them. Don’t remember if they are the white blooming or regular purple. They’ll soon find out, won’t they?

I took the clippers to the tall grass clumps and made quite a mess. Well, it was a mess already so I made it a more manageable mess...I suppose. I couldn’t believe how many quaking Aspen trees constantly emerge in that perennial border. Will I ever be rid of them??? And the Viburnums! They’re all over the place. Chopped down ten at least and have another dozen to do next time. Wish I had a place to put them but geeze-louise, I only have 4 acres and they are rapidly filling. OY! Should open up a dollar plant store. There’s an idea!

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