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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Compost rules!

Monday, May 3, ‘10....temp~65....partly sunny....rainy in afternoon.

Waited until noon for it to warm up and the dew to dry somewhat. Don’t need wet shoes after all nor wet socks for that matter. Just got down to weeding some more with little progress. Phone kept ringing and with Tommy out I had to take care of it. Then the rain started and it could be put down to a wasted day.

Tuesday, May 4, ‘10....temp~67....unsettled with a breeze that wouldn’t give up and menacing clouds to the north west.

Contemplating not going out at all. It’s supposed to be nice but those clouds say a different story. I’m betting after I get all my stuff out there, the tractor and cart, the tools and after I start really getting into it the sky opens up and drenches me before I get everything back inside. It’s happened too many times before for me to be quite so willing to go through it again. But I must go out and at least attempt to do something before the rain comes. So very much to do!

So off I go and I get a brain storm: the front raised bed needs attention, weeding and a fresh top-dressing of compost. See what I mean about the garden telling you what to do? I wasn’t even thinking of the front planter box (that’s what Tommy calls that raised bed and therefore so do I)

The Hostas I planted there last year took well to their new home but they look forlorn. Yes, they need company. But first the compost. Gosh but it is good to have a ready supply of homemade compost, more than I can ever use up! It’s a huge pile after all and endlessly refilled before the old compost is removed’s perpetual indeed! I’ll have it forever. What could be better?

Oh, yes, to have someone else get it out of the pile and into the beds where it is needed but no biggie. I need the exercise. Least that’s what I tell myself. Feels good though all this work. It gets you bone tired but exhilarated too. Filled up the cart using Tommy’s nifty compost screen-sifter that fits perfectly over the cart. Oh, but that compost looks good enough to eat...if you’re a plant. Maybe I’ve been hanging out with my plants too long if I’m starting to think like them? Must be!

So, the front planter box/raised Hosta bed is weeded and compost nicely arranged around the existing Hostas but then I needed the other Hostas to fill in the empty spots. But where to get the nicest Hostas without making a dent in the gardens near the house. Well, duh! That’s where the shade garden comes into my head. Got tons there. Taking a few from there wouldn’t even make a dent.

Hostas were planted and I almost had all the compost I needed but then looking up at the sky I saw a streak of lightening and the unmistakable rumble of thunder. Yikes! I better get inside quick. I left the rest for another day and went as fast as I could. It was getting time to pick up Justin anyway and he wasn’t just in town at Links today. He was at PCDC and I needed to get to Lords Valley a 20 minute drive.

I was not inside yet before the first raindrops fell on my nose. What a day!

Wednesday, May 5,‘10...sunny and bright...warm, too...temp~81.

First morning I did not have to wear a jacket. Pocono mornings are always cool so this was a most pleasant surprise. It’s not unusual for it to be 35 in morning and 75 by 3pm. But not today. It was gonna be a killer warm one...that’s what they said but it wasn’t all that bad unless it was because of the constant cooling breeze and the fact I was mostly under the shade of a stately maple while getting more compost to finish the front bed.

I took a few old tires from the back field. I’m going to use these tires to place around my vegetable plants to keep the rabbits away. It worked last time I had a veggie garden. This year I’m making what used to be the cutting garden into the vegetable garden. Why? Because it’s closer to the house and easier to maintain here. I’m going to ask Tommy to finally place the fence around this just for added protection from deer.

The rabbits will be held at bay with the combination of the cats and the tires and there isn’t much chance of fox, skunks, racoons and opossums finding this treasure trove of plants with the daylily hill to one side, lilacs at the end, the greenhouse at the entrance and the boxwoods on the other side. Yes, this is a perfect spot. I’m so happy with this plan. Now if I could just get spring to stay and not revert back to winter. *sigh* What are the chances of that happening?

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