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Thursday, May 27, 2010

*Flower question for you, O Rose Goddess.....

That is how a friend of mine started her query. It was rather odd for me to be called thus, as I nearly gave up on roses long ago. They were, in my opinion, too much trouble for a lazy gardener such as myself. Only just last year I thought I’d give them one more shot. They were on sale somewhere and I said, “Oh, what the heck! Let’s try it again. I’ll mulch them really well for winter and maybe, just maybe, they’ll make it through our Pocono winters. Well, lucky for me they did or I would be telling Julie to find another name for me! But let us read the rest of Julie’s note:

I do indeed have one mature Rose bush left! But why when I take cuttings do the stalks and flowers wilt within 2 days--roses are famous for being cut flowers. Is it because this is a wilder type (tons more thorns and a flat flower--GORGEOUS smell) that they don't cut well?

You may be describing, if I'm not mistaken, a wild Rosa Rugosa? I've never attempted to bring those inside as cut flowers. The thorns, YIKES! Plus I don't think those blossoms actually last very long on the bush either. Not sure tho. Mine tend to produce flowers for a rather long time if I keep deadheading. The time of day cutting flowers counts. Early morning is best and cut at an angle immediately submerging the cut end in water. Try an aspirin in the water too.

She then sent me this lovely photo of her rose bush. Looking at the pictures it looks like a shrub rose with singles flowers but not a Rugosa. If this is so and they are the type to bloom in one big flush and then go to seed, or rosehips in this case, then the flowers don't usually last very long whether on or off the plant. I say admire them where they are and cut the daisies from the field to bring inside, if you can get to them before the sheep!

Julie has a lovely sheep farm, you see. And, according to her, they eat anything they can get their teeth around.

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