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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friend among the weeds

This is Mr. Toad. No, not very imaginative a name as names go but there you have it. This little guy was leaping away from me and my weed-pulling hands all day yesterday but not too far. He didn't much care for my destroying his home. Fear not for Mr. Toad, however. He is not completely homeless. A cracked- in- half clay pot, thanks to old man winter and his devastating ways will provide a nice alternative home for my new garden friend. I'll place his new home just under the Cotoneaster shrub so no one, not even my curious Chase the cat, will bother him much. I want Mr. Toad to stay near, you see. Why, you may ask, would I want Mr. Toad sticking around? Bugs, hunny! He eats loads of bugs. For a well-balanced eco-system Mr. Toad is quite welcome in my garden.


  1. Yes, we've been blessed with a toad in our garden as well. He's a welcome unexpected guest!

  2. We have a load of frogs in the pond as well, but they seem to like it just by the pond and nowhere else in the yard.


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