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Friday, May 14, 2010

I hate frost!

*Thursday, May 13, ‘10 .....temp~56.... rain in morning, clearing up by noon. I had wanted to cut the grass but my lawn is a swamp at the moment. If I don’t get a few consecutive dry days the grass will be up to me knees before the yard is dry enough to cut. But weeds do come out easier after a rain. Of course the rain makes them grow too quickly as well. Oy!

Decided to make a tiny compost pile at the end of the garden formally known as the cutting garden. What should I call it, really? It had been the driveway garden because it ran adjacent to and the full length of the drive way. I did call it the sunken garden as it was several feet down from the driveway. Then it was the cutting garden because I had so many annuals and prolific perennials growing there providing tons of cut flowers for inside but now it’s just overrun with weeds. They’re getting under control now though.

Not sure I should make the vegetable garden there or not. It would be more convenient. Have until June 1 to decide. Not planting anything out in the open until then, no way, no how. Already lost a few coleus to the frost last night. I thought they were a lot more hardy than that. The Petunia survived after all. Learn something new every day.

The coleus wasn’t the only thing nipped by frost. The Wisteria Tree looks horrible with its leaves all wilted and dead. I was wondering if I should cut those off to encourage more growth but what if it frosts again ? It’s very likely.
I saw the tulip tree looking just as bad. Can’t believe frost could do so much damage. Knew it was too nice too early to be any good for my plants. Why can’t Mother Nature cooperate with us gardeners?


  1. Hi Glory,

    Judy's husband the way, I have the same prob with my Wisteria, only it is a Bonsai and you know how tempermental they can be. If I get too much water, I get root rot, if I dont water enough, nothing grows. So I spray the leaves almost on a daily basis with water and they grow like crazy. The ground or soil I water about every now and then to keep moist. Pruning, very important to propagate growth. Here in Texas it is too darn hot so I have to spray the branches and the leaves come right up, especially after a good pruning. Spring is an ecellent time for Wisteria, After she dries out, try pruning a bit and let nature take its course...If you can allow humidity and leaves to be moisturized...see if that helps...I hope so, but it generally works very well for me. Wisteria have a way to bounce back. Best of Luck.

    Judy says a big Hello from TExas and she says to tell you she is feverishly crocheting pillow covers for our couch.

    Heck, she does made from scratch some oatmeal/bananna muffins and they were great.

    Good Luck Glory,

    Blessings from John and Judy

  2. Muffins sound good about now. But bananas are no longer allowed on my diet. They cause me migraines. Can you believe that? A tropical girl not allowed bananas? It's a sin, I tell ya!


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