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Friday, May 14, 2010

*Love my Greenhouse!

Monday, May 10'10.......temps hardly made it out of 40's.... very breezy mostly sunny.

So, I wait for things to warm up. Pretty much a lost cause. At noon I still didn’t want to go out. Silly of me but I get so used to temps in 70s and 80s that when they go back down to normal, 40s and 50s for this time of year, I’m at a loss. But no matter, I went into my greenhouse. Tiny as it is it still provides much needed warmth, enough to get me sweating but more importantly, those seeds germinating only days after I planted them. Ah, the power of moist, warm soil! The zinnias already popping surprised me but good.

So, I decide to take the plants already started inside the house and put them into the greenhouse. Tomatoes, pumpkins and pok choy already looking promising. Let’s hope they do even better with all that extra sun.

ah, but the forgetful gardener does screw herself but good sometimes. Totally forgot I put Morning Glory seeds to soak for planting in the Hosta raised bed. Well, they not only plumped up nicely but some already sprouted. Yikes! Got those into the ground as soon as I could. Calling for frost tonight. *Sigh* Winter just won’t quit, will it?

Finally got those pictures off the new camera. Had to delete half of them, very blurry. But some came out nice.


  1. Nice post Glory! I wish I had a greenhouse with a bit of property. Judy would go cvrazy in there, so would I as well. Good Luck.

    How is your Wisteria Tree?



  2. It's the bane of my existence for starters but it has yet to sprout new foliage. I'm not too concern though. I doubt I can kill that thing!


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