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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Officially out of garden room

Thursday, May 6,’10 ....... temp ~75.......rainy in morning clearing up by 11am.

Last 2 days really wore me out so I took it easy. Planted a slew of seeds in greenhouse and the fleshly weeded planter box. As my seed boxes are overflowing I took to tossing them around almost indiscriminately....hither and dither as they say. Portulaca, zinnia, and periwinkle in planter box should fill it up nicely. I found hybrid Daylily seeds, if you can believe that. Like I need more daylilies! But what am I supposed to do, throw them out? Like Jack’s mother I would only get them growing where I didn’t want them much like that stupid beanstalk, so...they are in a pot in the greenhouse by the cutting garden. Who knows where I’ll plant them if they germinate. Maybe I really ought to start a business, a dollar plant store. I really should call this the greenhouse by the driveway GH#1 for future reference. The one in the back 40 after all is little more than a tool shed...oh, yes, and a place for mice to nest in winter. I found another dead one in there the other day. How lovely! I also found tons of clematis seeds (as if I need more clematis vines too!) Yes, I planted them, too, in a planter and they are in GH#1. Well, the funny thing about clematis seeds is they never germinate when you plant them, only when they plant themselves so who knows if I’ll get anything for my effort? I dug out a few peonies for my friend and boy do those things grow! The roots when I planted them a few years back were minuscule compared to the huge things I tried to dig up. I’m sure I left some behind so they probably will just grow back. It’s almost like I can’t get rid of enough plants to make a dent anymore. What the heck, you know?

Friday, May 7,’10........temp~76.......mostly sunny, bit breezy. So, my winter time boredom worked out great. I kept a few coleus, one white petunia and 2 large Cuban Oregano plants indoors and always snipped a few stems here and there as they got leggy and set them to root in tiny jars on the kitchen windowsill Well, now I have tons of Coleus plus a good bunch of Cuban oregano which is very different from your Italian Oregano. The Cuban and Dominican varieties are much like succulents and root so easy in water that I have them all over the place. I took a risk and planted them outside already. Just hoping Jack Frost don’t start flirting with Mother Nature again. I hate when he does that! Ends up killing my best stuff, the beastly man! I put them in front of the Hosta knowing that Deer love to eat my Hosta (it’s chocolate to deer after all) but they hate the smell of oregano. And this Cuban stuff is really smelly! The Hosta therefore may actually be safe. Time will tell. You know that show on the discovery channel, what the world will be like 100 years after all people are gone? Well, I got a glimpse of that in the back 40. I didn’t realize how badly I had neglected that until I started cutting back the overgrown stuff, mostly native viburnum, wild raspberries, Quaking aspen trees and weeds of all kinds. It was like a jungle all tangled and twisted and way to hard to go through without scratching your arm and legs! While hacking away, I found about 5 Clematis vines. I have planted them there several years back and I thought they might be dead. I was surprised they were still there although not surprisingly not thriving. They were a tangled mess but I dug them out and tried to find a new home for them. Know what I discovered? I’ve officially run out of garden space in my formal gardens near the house anyway. I couldn’t find a decent place for them. The trellis I have for the Clematis vines in the backyard was already full so I had to plant these new guys in between. If they all live it’ll look gorgeous. Oh, I did see that my sweet autumn clematis had died. I was rather sad about that. It was one of my favorites, but then they kinda all are. I’m silly that way. At least that gave me one empty spot to put a new Clematis. We’ll see how that one does.

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