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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

*Sunday-Wednesday, April 25-28, ‘10....rain, cold, in the 40's, and even snow showers...yikes!

Well, every gardener knows rainy days are not just for watering the garden without the use of the watering can or hose. It’s so gardeners can get some housework done and to recuperate, too.

Friday, April 30...temp starts off at ~46 but gets up to 77 and sunny.

Started weeding the white flowerbed. Yes, I have theme flower beds the white, yellow, blue, red and evergreen. As I’m working on the white one I’ll tell about that one. Lily-of-the-Valley has completely taken it over. Not that it is a bad thing. Ever smell Lily-of-the-Valley? Absolutely amazing! But it does need to come out...some of it anyway to make room for other things like the Daisy patch I’d like to get established.

What to do with the weeded out bits–or should I say chunks of Lily-of-the-Valley? They will go in the back field under the maples by the compost pile. They can go crazy there and won’t be a bother. Have to save a bunch for a friend’s new garden. Better warn her about their rambunctious behavior.

The azaleas are blooming, purple and pink ones and I found the Trillium hiding behind the rhododendrons have as well. Dark purple-maroonish these are. Would have missed them if I hadn’t weeded out a bunch of stuff that almost completely covered them up. Rain sure makes weeding an easy task. They just slip out of the ground with nary a tug.

Forget-me-nots are blooming. Gosh, they are pretty in their unobtrusive way. How they got under the Kwanzan Cherry tree I don’t quite know but they will do as they please, plants will. The Lilacs are actually coming out already. That must be the earliest they’ve ever bloomed since we came to the Poconos. The back yard already smells like a perfume factory but once the Lily-of-the-Valley and Lilacs really come out I may get dizzy from the overwhelming scent. The perils of a gardener!

Saturday, May 1, ‘10....temp ~88 ...sunny and hot.

Not the perfect day for cutting grass it being so warm but it needs to get done. The rain made the yard a swamp though. Ever cut the grass in a swamp? Not fun nor easy. With all this rain it will never dry up too.

Sunday, May 2,’10.....temp ~79....bit overcast but mostly sunny.

Took this day mostly off as I am beat from yesterday. But I did tell a friend I had some plants for her. Tommy insisted on helping me as they can be heavy, the plants. Although he laughed at me when I told him the Daylily gave me trouble. I don’t know about you but when my Daylilies grow too big and need dividing I dig up the whole thing and before cutting it into reasonable sized plants. They can weigh a ton when not divided first.

So, off we go with my ton of Daylilies, some yellow Sedum, a huge bunch of Lily-of-the-Valley, a few wayward Columbines, about 10 trees of all types, a Lilac and a Honeysuckle bush. All in all the pickup was pretty full so I was grateful Tommy came with. It’s good to have muscle sometimes...most times actually in the garden.

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