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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a week!

On Sunday the guys cut the grass all day. Well, with four acres, 4 big, burly boys, 3 lawn mowers, 1 weed whacker and a broken tractor, it would take all day! I used all the grass clipping they could give me to mulch the paths of the vegetable garden. It looks spiffy now, indeed!

One by one the kids ran off to do their own thing. It was unmercifully hot, humid and tiring work, so who could blame them? They left and it was just Tommy, me and the ominous looking clouds coming rapidly our way. Tommy takes no heed of such trifles as a storm a-brewing. Not when there is still work to be done. We had trees to plant, 3cork-screw willows, a floundering Lilac and a baby birch. Off we went to do this just as the first rain drops fell on my nose. By the time we were done it was pouring, I was cold and grateful to be finally going inside. It had been a long day, made longer by the energizer bunny that is Tommy.

Monday was drizzly and warm ~75 so I stayed inside. Tuesday started looking the same but then suddenly cleared up enough to go outside. It was beautiful! ~82 and sunny. Busy day filling window boxes with Calendulas and Zinnnias.

Wednesday, May 26, ‘10...~88, hot ans sunny. Saw my first hummingbird of the season. The Wisteria, tulip tree and other frost damaged things are finally showing signs of rebirth. New leaves are sprouting so, I can breathe easy again.

Busy planting out tomatoes, Swiss chard, cantaloupe, spinach and Bok choy and I’ve discovered I don’t have enough room for all I planted. Will have to plant stuff in back field after all. Brought out tons of house plants. The Aloe Vera needed dividing something dreadful. It literally was busting out of its pot. Now I have more than a dozen little Aloe plants. Will have to give some away or open up that dollar plant nursery!

Lupine are ready to bloom. Hope they keep until I get back from Virginia. Going for the weekend with Tommy, Steve and Marci. Should be fun.

Thursday, hot, hot, hot but loads to do. Removed the black plastic covering the vegetable garden bed, found a couple of snakes (eek!), Tommy cut up his leg on an arrant blackberry bush and I got dizzy from the heat. Covered the other bed with the plastic, just moved it over one spot. We’ll plant there next year. This year, potatoes and onions sound good for that spot, plus all the other things that didn’t find a home in the other veggie garden, behind the greenhouse.

Still got loads to do! But I ain’t complaining. Winter comes way too soon and then I’ll be longing for this time. Happens every year!

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