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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bok Choy nibbled!

Although the protective rubber tire has kept the rabbits from completely feasting on my precious Bok Choy, there is something still nibbling away at it. What do I suspect? Slugs. There will be a need, I fear, to bring out the nasty stuff. It will cause a blood bath, no doubt, but this is war! What to use? Dried and crushed egg shells. Slugs and snails die a dreadful death if they dare cross a line of that stuff. Omelet anyone?


  1. Glory ~ If the egg shells don't work, remember there's always salt and beer.

  2. I'm always afraid of making my soil too salty for my plants and as for beer, why the heck should I throw a beer blast for a bunch of invertebrates?? I'd need quite a lot of it for my 4 acres of gardens. Yikes! The beer distributors in town will think I'm a lush!


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