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Friday, June 18, 2010

*I bought about six rose bushes last year. They were on sale and I wanted to give them another try. I had given up on roses, you see, when they all died on me one tragically cold winter at the beginning of my ventures in the garden. I was a novice then and didn’t know any better. Well, now I do and gosh-darn-it! I was going to have roses again! So, I got these. They were supposed to be all different colors. The packaging said as much, but as it turns out they were almost identical, in color, in size, in everything. Granted they are pretty but I like variety and here I have 3-4 of them virtually the same shade of this pretty coral pink. All I can think is, “There are far worse things that can befall a gardener than to have the same roses,” Wouldn’t you agree?

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