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Friday, June 18, 2010

New Uses for Old Toys.

“Where ya going, little girl, with your little red wagon?” Tommy always teases me this way when he sees me dragging behind me the old, now rusted, little red wagon which Santa had brought for the kids too many Christmases ago to recall. I remember all 4 of our kids sitting in it and me taking a picture of it. This picture is actually hanging on the wall. Ah, memories!

But my kids, now all grown, no longer have a use for the little red wagon. They aren’t even close to giving me grand-kids, so....what to do with this little red wagon? Why, use it in the garden, of course! I load up my wagon with seedling and take them for a ride to the vegetable patch. This might seem over-kill and thoroughly un-needed (I hear you saying, "couldn't you just carry them?") but when you’ve got 4 acres with the green house on one end and the veggie patch at the other end, a little wagon comes in handy. I carry my hand tools in it, too, plus my cell phone, in case Tommy’s not home and he needs to get a hold of me. Once I’m in the garden, it’s hard to get me out of it!

Don’t suppose I gotta tell you I also put other old toys my kids have left behind to new uses, most of them within the garden. I will anyway.

I use sand buckets for carrying seed packets, plant labels, small bits of string to tie back unruly vines and paper and pen to take notes. I always get great ideas out in the garden but forget them by the time I get back to the house. Taking notes if invaluable!

Those small, plastic shovels and scoops which are totally useless unless you’re at the beach. Well, they aren’t as useless as you think. I use them in the greenhouse. They make nice scoops for perlite and other “soft” things like that. The tiny rakes are good for gentle cultivation in potted plants. Popsicle sticks and wooden craft pieces are great for plant labels.

I even use my kids old clothes in the garden. Well, actually I wear them as gardening clothes. Yes, I get hand-me-downs from my kids. I have been wearing their cast-off ever since my youngest at age ten out grew me. People do look at me a bit oddly when they happen to spot me wearing a little league t-shirt. Good thing I don’t much care what others think, huh?

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