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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Peonies, Daisies, Lupines, o-my!

I come back home from a 4-day weekend trip to the Shenandoah Mountains, and what should I see but my garden exploded in color! The Peonies, Lupines and Daisies have all burst into bloom. Just goes to show you cannot turn your back on your garden lest you miss something wonderful!

It’s finally June and I can be assured now that Jack Frost will keep his freezing touch to himself. Thus I can plant out all the rest of my seedlings that have been so patiently waiting for their protective creator to allow them to breathe fresh, clean, and at night, cool air. But what should I find when I take my little plants from their protected arbor over-hang where they have been acclimating to outdoor life but that some unscrupulous wrascally wabbit (well, who else could it be, really?) chewed up most of the Bok Choy. Rotten stinkin’ beasts!

I need a mean old dog to take care of these terrors of the garden. And what do I have? 4 semi-useless cats. Well Zebrina was never useless but she is getting up there in years and has slowed down considerably. Poor baby. Zebrina was a great mouser in her day though and we can’t really think ill of her getting too old to handle the load. She used to bring home some 4-5 moles, field mice and/or voles per day, sometimes more. That was just the ones she brought to us. I know she ate a few a day because she used to leave heads and guts all over my porch. YUCK!

Once we counted 8 moles she brought to us. She was good! She did that all summer long, too! You know how many that adds up to being? Even with our relatively short summer season, 500 per summer. We’ve had her a good 15 years. That would be 7,500 critters she did away with for me. Blimey! I can’t complain, can I? Zebrina did great, the little killer! If only her offspring were as good, then I'd be all set...but they are not. I need another Zebrina!

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