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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Aloe Vera Plant

Why would anyone have this many Aloe Vera plants? Well, I didn't until the one I had became way too crowded for it's pot. It literally burst out of the plastic pot, it had grown so much since I dug it out of my aunt Thelma’s south Florida (Davy, to be precise) yard.

She said to me when I asked if I could take a tiny bit of her Aloe Vera back home to Pennsylvania, “Take all you want. It grows like a weed here. Don’t know why you’d want it. Isn’t even pretty.”

That may be but it sure is useful. I found this out while I was cooking. I very rarely get burns as I am notoriously careful but this once I did. Well, I promptly went over to my collection of Aloe Vera, plucked off a leaf, split it open and soothe my burn with its gel. It took a minute or two, but it did ease the pain so much that I barely felt it the rest of the night. Cool, huh?

I decided to place a leaf in the fridge just for an extra cooling sensation, if it were to happen again. Well, there is always bug bites and rashes and...well, I’m sure it won’t go to waste.

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