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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Black Walnut Tree

It took forever (actually just fifteen years, but it sure felt like forever) for this Black Walnut tree to get this big. It’s about twenty feet tall and it’s the biggest of the five we planted way back when we first started planting trees in Tommy’s arboretum. They never took. Well, that’s not quite accurate. They were fine until the deer attacked them, the rabbits girdled them or the Gypsy moth caterpillars attacked them. Really, it was just one thing after another with these trees.

We started out with five, like I said, and now we have three others that are barely to my knees. Why we bother is anyone’s guess. Most people would have given up. No, scratch that. Most would never have planted them to begin with. Folks seem to hate this poor beleaguered tree. It has a bad reputation and admittedly a well deserved one. But Tommy wanted a diverse arboretum and I like the way they look. There's hardly a tree whose looks I don't like but that's neither here nor there.

Well, we finally have a good sized black walnut tree. It stands on the side of Tommy’s pole barn where he stores....uh...heck if I know what that stuff is! But anyway, it’s a pretty tree and maybe (fingers crossed) we may one day get a nut or two. Although...Tommy and I don’t even like walnuts. Yes, maybe we’re the nutty ones!

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