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Monday, August 2, 2010

Gardens along the Highway

I was driving to the usual place, to Lords Valley to pick up Justin, when it occurred to me there were so many rather pretty plants along the highway. A real garden....just there along the highway for all to see, but do they? I suppose I may be the only one to see it.

So what did I see? Some flowers I knew by name, and others I would bestow a name to just because I wanted to and could. Lovely patches of Crown Vetch, some so wide and fragrant you could hear a buzzing from all the insecs drawn to it. Wild phlox scattered about along the edge of a watery ditch. Queen Anne’s Lace sway on their long wiry stems. even the occasional patch of spent native Daylilies can be seen, their dry stalks sticking out above the sword-like leaves that rustle in the breeze. Right by the edge of the road, lavender blue asters stick out like sore thumbs tempting me to stop and gather them. I’m always thisssssssss close to doing it too!

Daisy patches dot the hills intermixed with Black-eyed Susans. The rocky spots have a sprinkling of Mullien plants with their gray-green rosette foliage and tiny yellow blossoms poking out alone the tall, erect stems. They’re so stiff they don’t even move as the trucks whiz past at top speed. There are Dandelions, of course, buttercups, too and a few other flowers we’re likely to yank out but quick in our own garden beds, but here along the highway, they look rather nice.

If you can, take the time to look at these wildflowers while you’re traveling the highway this summer. It is, after all, Mother Nature’s garden and she seems more than willing to let us see it for free.

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