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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hummingbirds going bonkers

You should have seen the Hummingbirds this morning. They were going absolutely bonkers zooming around the Hibiscus. Of course, they did this at top speed, so, no, I couldn’t manage a picture of them. They seem particularly camera shy of late.

Last year I found evidence of them building their nests in my yard. No, I didn’t actually find the nest, but I found the next best thing, fragments of their tiny shells just under the “Jane” saucer Magnolia. Oh, but I was thrilled! I could only imagine that somewhere amongst all those glossy, leathery leaves and magenta colored blossoms there was a tiny nest no bigger than a lichen bump on a branch. I didn’t look too closely. I didn’t want to spook them in case they were still using it. I thought they might reuse the same nests year after year. Other birds do, but I wasn’t certain about Hummers. In either case, I simply didn’t want them to think I was a nosy neighbor, butting into their business. That’s no way to treat a neighbor!

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