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Sunday, August 1, 2010

In love with the Garden

You love your gardens. I’m as certain of this as I am of my own name. I love mine, weeds and all. There’s nothing better than just walking through it admiring the flowers, seeing what works, what doesn’t, looking at improvements to make for the next year and what should stay like this forever.

Alas, the one constant in a garden, as in life, is it’s inconsistency. Some years the tulips come out beautifully and others they peter out way too quickly. The Scotch Broom looks lovely for two years straight and then disaster strikes, it dies! Woe be the gardener who wishes for things she cannot know, like everything perfect forever. A picture in Better Homes and gardens. Oh, but that would be boring! I like the little surprises I get, even the Honeysuckle shrubs, Burning bush, Ash tree, Black-eyed Susans and a dozen other surprise seedling that pop out EVERYWHERE. I just dig them out, and, if I can, give them away to a new gardener in town, one who will love to have anything growing in their barren patch of land. With a friend like me, it won’t be barren for long!

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