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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Itsy-bitsy Spider in a Web

I saw this web just clinging to the side door, a door which we rarely if ever use, mostly because the honeysuckle vines on either side don’t seem to want us coming through there. Yes, they tend to grow pretty wild right there. I think their aim is to enclose it all together! The spider in the web, however, never moves, so, I thought it was dead. I took this picture for no other reason than because I don’t have a good picture of one, and lo and behold! Now the stupid spider decides to move. Camera shy, I guess!

I had been about to take down the web as it had been there for most of the summer but as the little guy proved he was still breathing, I thought it best to leave him be. Spiders, after all, don’t bother me none. They eat other bugs for me!

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