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Friday, August 6, 2010

Jane Saucer Magnolia

The Saucer Magnolia I’d always seen on Long Island where we first lived, always had a great spring show of purpley-pink or reddish-pink bloom. For the rest of the summer it would be a lovely dark, glossy leafed shrub, or small tree and that's all.

This “Jane”, however, gives the usual spectacular burst of color, but also flowers throughout the summer. Being this is one of Tommy’s favorite scents, Magnolia, this is rather nice. He gets to sniff at these well past the time when most Magnolias simply stop flowering. Gotta love Jane!


  1. I see this was posted in 2010 and its now 2014..i hope someone can answer a few questions..i just bought my first home last year. It had no mature tress or any mature flowers or plants. So when i go into the "big box stores" they usually have these awesome flowers and plants sitting right by the doors for 5 or 8 dollars and of course i buy a couple with no thoughts of where i am going to plant them. I just figure i will find a spot!! Lol with this said, i bought what i thought to be a shurb and the tag dont have much info on it at all. All it says is "magnolia jane #3" it was in with the shrubs, so i was thinking i am buying a shurb. The tag did not even have a picture like many do, so now ive had it at home for a couple months and am wanting to plant it this coming weekend, and am trying to figure out what would be the best spot. I am really new to planting and growing things and have been trying to think ahead 10 years from now the small plant ive bought this year will be larger then what it is when im planting it this year. So i hope all works out. The issue i am having with this one is that now i am looking online, it appears that "magnolia jane" is not a shrub like ive been thinking she is, its a small TREE!!! But what i have now kinda looks like a shurb, not a tree and it looks a lot like this picture you have in this blog post. So can you tell me, is the saucer jane the same thing as magnolia jane?? And is yours a bush or a tree?? It appears in this picture it looks like a bush!?! I am so confused when it comes to this stuff. From what i have seen online is that the magnolia jane is a smaller tree, and some pictures even somewhat looks like bushes...what is the difference in these??
    Any advice or thoughts would be greatly apreciated. I am running out of larger spaces because this year i have already planted 2 mulberry, 1 oak, 2 leland cyrpus, 1 peach tree plus another plant mindiva i think will be somewhat like a small tree according to online, sooooo with this said, i have plenty of room for the smaller things, and have a spot for 1 more tree i was going to put in some type of maple tree, for wild animals, so now i am trying to figure out whats magonlia jane #3 is going to look like in 10 plus years and what does the number 3 behind the name mean in relationship to plants?? Is it like a generation number maybe??
    Thanks :)

  2. Well, I think I can help. First the Jane Magnolia I have is the same as your Magnolia Jane and it is a shrub which can be pruned into a tree shape, but technically it is considered a shrub or multi-stemmed small tree--small being relative, 15-20 feet tall is the top height of a Jane. The number 3 tells you nothing and probably doesn't mean anything, so I wouldn't worry about it. The jane gets to be around 5 feet wide at maturity, in case you wanted to plant it close to the house like on a corner. So don't plant it too close or it will lean over and look odd as it grows. It makes a lovely specimen plant in the middle of a lawn and is semi-evergreen depending on how cold it gets at your house. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. THANK YOU so much for getting back to me so quick!! Okay, so as i understand it, if i plant it and just basically leave it alone, it will be a shrub, but if i plant it and let it grow a few years i can cut/ prune it and it can look like a tree?? Does it send out suckers and expands that way?? I dont really know much about pruning or anything yet, so more then likely i would not prune it because i will be worried about killing it, or messing it up. Im now thinking i might plant it behind my garage, it would be facing west/ south. Do you think that would be too much sun for it?? And does it need a lot of water when it first gets planted?? Im in central indiana zone 5 if that helps. We get snow and all that fun stuff here. I know i need to get it in the ground soon because its shot up a half a foot since ive got it and a couple of the leaves are turning yellow, so i am thinking its getting too big for the pot it came in.
    Thanks again for the advice and help. I am kind of excited about planting new things, but i try to keep in mind what they would look like 10 years plus down the road, but when your new at all this, and your not sure what you are doing or what to expect it makes me nervous. Lol

    1. I understand perfectly. I love gardening and love to encourage others to try their hand at it. If you leave it alone it will be a shrub, a bushy plant about 5-6 feet wide and 12-15feet tall. I never prune mine--don't have to and I have had it for over 15 years. It grows nicely in my zone 5b garden and does fine. so will yours in the spot you've picked out. I wish you luck. :)

  4. Thanks for the advice!! 15 years?? That is super encouraging to know!! Im going to plant her today now i have a little idea on what to expect :) i hope mine turns out to be that great as well!! I tend to over love water my plants, so the outside ones might be safer from me. Lol
    Thanks again :)

  5. You are very welcome. My hubby told me I underestimated the width, so you better add a few feet around. One other thing, I found that hummingbirds like to nest in the Jane, which I find very cool! Good luck!


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