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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Last Apple Blossom

The poor tree from which these pretty apple blossoms came is no more. It was removed from the yard just a few days ago. It had been struggling for years to regain its strength, for naught. It simply was too far gone and Tommy, with the help of our son Brandon, took a chain saw to it and it is no more.

Oh, how we loved that little tree! Little being a relative term. When we first built our home, this tree was hidden among more briars, wild viburnum and tangled vines than you could imagine. It took some doing to literate the apple trees (there were 5-6 in the line of mangled rock wall just behind the house) from this mess, but once done, they were pruned into shape and looked much better. They even produced a bumper crop of apples for several years. That was the first year I ever made and canned apple sauce. To this day Brandon refuses to eat anything but homemade apple sauce, now that he knows what a difference it makes.

But the poor tree went through many hardships in ensuing years. Bitter ice storms which threatened to split its trunk in two, nasty insect infestations and the neighborhood woodpecker were all teamed up against the poor little tree. We protected and nursed it for as long as was possible, but alas, it had come to its end this summer. Tommy will miss those Granny Smiths baked into pies. Brandon will miss the apple sauce made with them. I on the other hand will mostly miss the flowers. They were always there, pale pink and white set perfectly against the brilliant blue sky, to show me that spring was finally come to the Poconos.

Good-bye, my little apple tree. May you rest in peace in my compost pile. Rest assured, your rooting stump will furnish nutrients for a future generation of apple trees.


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