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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nest in the Honeysuckle Hedge

So, there I was trimming --or should I say hacking away unmercifully?- at the overgrown and very crowded Honeysuckle hedge, when what should I find but a bird’s nest. I was thrilled! It was empty at the moment I found it, but still! It meant I truly had myself a wildlife friendly garden. I had heard a bird squawking within the hedge every time I went by and always wondered what his problem was with me. I wasn’t doing anything more than passing by. Did he know I was contemplating trimming down his home shrub later that season?

I knew I had achieved a wildlife friendly garden,  but it’s always good to see further proof of it. A nest does this rather impressively. More so than just birds at the feeders, bees buzzing from flower to flower and butterflies fluttering by. A nest is home and we all know home is where the heart is.

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