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Monday, August 23, 2010

Pumpkin Vine Gone Mad

I’ve said numerous times how wild and rambunctious I consider vines to be. I’ve said vines have a mind of their own and care not one wit what you want. Their main goal, I am quite convinced is world domination, but even this took me by surprise. I had neglected the vegetable garden. I pretty much gave it up as a bad job because it appeared that the pumpkin vines had dried up and nothing was growing. At least that was what I thought!

What should I find once I did some weeding and looking into the veggies but more than a dozen pretty orange globes. These “sugar babies” had been hiding amongst the dry foliage. But that wasn’t all. The vines had completely gone mad-hatter, mad. They were not content staying in their designated garden. Oh, no! They decided to climb over the hedge of globe Boxwoods I planted on the edge of the garden. The Boxwoods were there, ironically enough, to keep errant plants like this in check. See how well that didn’t work?

Well, the pumpkins didn’t stop there. Once they climbed over the Boxwoods they were in the grass, from the grass they decided to continue no matter what was in their way. What was in their way? A Pee Gee Hydrangea. Yes, you got it. They climbed over that too, right up and over and down the other side. And nestled deep in the branches, foliage and flowers is a large pumpkin, just visible if you get down on your knees and peer into the bush.

Can you frickin’ believe that? Well, if you’ve grown pumpkins before, I’m sure you do. It is my fault. I never think of cutting a vine when it seems so eager to keep growing! Just seems mean to cut it short. Yes, I’m silly, but there ya go!

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