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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Sounds of Wildlife

Many a time, I will find joy in the sounds of wildlife. The twitter of birds, buzzing of bees and croaking of frogs all tell me I’ve created a fine environment for all concerned. A nice place for all God’s creatures to live and thrive, right in my own back, side and front yards. It’s a very good thing.

Of course, you can always have too much of a good thing. When Tommy leaves the windows open all night, the rooster from the petting zoo across the street can be heard crowing before the sun peaks over the mountain. Then there are the crows cawing for no particular reason except that they can. Let’s not forget the twittering family of tiny birds which have taken residence on my front porch in one of the birdhouses I placed there for their safe dwelling.

The cicadas serenade us at night, and at first it is rather nice to hear their constant chirping after a long and silent winter, but they can get loud and bothersome come mid-summer when you’d rather listen to the breeze whistling through the trees. The frogs too get a bit obnoxious in their nightly ritual to attract love partners. My pond’s full enough, thank you very much. Don’t exactly need anymore tadpoles, unless that’s what my goldfish are eating to sustain themselves. I don’t exactly feed them, after all!

Rabbits are quiet, I must say, unless they are caught by a fox. Then you’ll hear squealing like you’ve never heard! Oh, but I do feel badly for them, until I see another rabbit swiftly take its place nibbling at my Hosta! Thank you. Mr. Fox!

There can also be heard a pack of wild dogs yipping and howling whilst roaming through the woods. At least I call them wild dogs. Some insist they are coyotes, wolves, bobcats or even mountain lions. Don’t know about that. I just hope they stay in the woods.

So, wildlife can make it just as noisy as the city. But I must say, I’d rather be bombarded in this manner than with sirens, blasting car horns and loud shouts from nasty people, wouldn’t you?


  1. I know what you mean. Formerly lived on a main downtown street, triangulated amongst three bars. Now I'm still in town, but in a residential area with my back to a river. All kinds of birds, including geese, insist on serenading me. Oh, and throw in a neighbors hollowing dog. Still better than the drunks and vehicles with subwoofers.

  2. ...and that would actually be a "howling" dog!

  3. Oh, I knew what you meant, Kathleen! We've got those too, believe me. But yes, better than siren and motorcycles revving at all hours of the night.


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