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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trumpet Vine Seed Pods for Cheap

This is one of....oh,  5 maybe 6 or 7 Trumpet vines I have in my gardens. I lose count because I always find a new one poking out of ....well, some place they ought not be. Like last week I found one poking out from under the steps leading into the driveway garden and this week I found another, though I forget now where it is. I’ll find it sometime. I’ll have to dig them out and plant them along the fence enclosing the back 40. It’s the only place left for these wild things.

But don’t go thinking I’m complaining. I love these vines, although, my son Justin, the one with autism, calls it a tree. I had to stop and really look at it from his point of view and actually he was right. The one he was pointing to, this one in the picture, has a thick trunk, bigger than most saplings we find for sale at the nursery. I never even noticed it before he mentioned it.

I should show you a picture of the trunk sometime. It’s gnarly, all twisting around the lattice, exactly how I had trained it back in the day when it was a tiny six inches long and thin like any vine should be. One day I’ll find the lattice busted up from this ever-growing, ever-expanding tree-vine or vine-tree, whatever it is. I suppose it’s my fault, its current shape. I pruned it this way to keep it from knocking off my hat every time I go down the steps. I just ended up giving it a canopy, so, now it does indeed look like a tree.

These vines grow so quick, I have to keep trimming them back, just to keep them from taking over. Not doing too good a job though, I’m thinking. And look at all those seed pods dangling from it! I may end up with even more of these growing wherever they like. Anybody want one? Real cheap! I’ll trade a Trumpet vine seed pod for any seeds you got in abundance which I don’t have. I kid you not! Let me know.

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