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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weed turned Wildflower

Tommy thinks I’m nuts to want to keep this monster weed around, but I can’t help but like it. Poke Berry is what I have been told it is called and it truly is a monster. Six foot tall and almost as wide, my pretty weed-turned-wildflower could be a screen or hedge if I can get them to grow where I want them.

Here it insists on being on the daylily hill behind the pole-barn. Not exactly where I wish it to be, but weeds have a tendency to do as they please with little if any regard for your wishes. But no matter. I will dig it up at the end of the season and toss the plant, seeds and all where I would like it to grow. With any luck, I shall have my Poke berry hedge just behind the half-stockade fence along the back driveway that leads to the pole-barn. I’ll be able to see it poking out from behind the Rhododendrons from the other side.


  1. It's called poke weed, and it's very poisonous when grown, even those beautiful berries. People grow and eat the young shoots as a potherb, but I never did.

  2. I have one that I've kept around for years; it's just cute! But, I think I've accidentally poisoned it; when it was coming up this spring, I forgot, and allowed a friend who was helping me to spray it with Roundup (thinking it was a walnut tree - we have lots around); now I'm watching and waiting. So sorry if I did.

  3. I have one as well, and leave it there, because the birds like the berries. Don't worry Rose, they are weeds after all, so they'll come back up somewhere.


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