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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Almost Burning bush.

This is the Burning bush I have in the front mixed shrub border. It’s in the process of acquiring its autumn crimson glow. It will take some time but soon it will look like it actually is burning bright. Quite a sight!

In the picture you can’t really tell, but it has this odd shape, like a coppiced tree with little twigs at the base. Totally bizarre! This is due to the mangling nibbles of a bunch of ravenous rabbits. It was chewed to bits on one side so that only one of its stems wasn’t damaged. They killed the rest and now they have started to re-sprout but boy, does it look woe-be-gone! Now it looks like a reject from a garden freak show.

Don’t know what I’ll do about it, or if I should. Most likely the rabbits will go at it again this winter and maybe–one can never tell– they may actually fix it for me. Do I count on it? Actually I do! As much as I complain about the abundant wildlife, they tend to do funny things to plants that I later don’t mind so much. I’m just funny that way.

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