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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pathetic looking Waterlilies

In this picture they do look nice, but now, at the end of a particularly hot and dry summer, they were rather pathetic indeed! I was lamenting the lack of rain this summer and how low and dry  my pond was getting. The Waterlilies look horrible now without water to hold up their flowers and lily pads. They weren’t even blooming as well as they had in the past. But that may have been because they were getting a bit crowded in there. I have started with only 4 plants, one pink, one red, one white and one yellow, but the pink and yellow died, leaving me with only 2 but these two have gone bonkers!

I also added Pickeral rush (or weed, depending on who you ask), some cattails and duckweed, which the fish gobble up before they get a chance to cover the entire surface. I thought I would take this dry spell as an opportunity to thin them out, even though I didn’t have anyone to give the extras to. I wished for another pond but that isn’t likely to happen.

I have a much smaller one in the backyard but it isn’t deep enough to keep the Lilies from freezing in the winter. Although, I truly don’t wish to simply toss the Waterlily plants into the compost,  I may thin them out and place a few in the smaller pond anyway. You never know, after all. It could be a particularly warm winter. Yeah, right!

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