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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pumpkin harvest

This is my pumpkin harvest. I’m so very proud of these darlings. These cute little “Sugar babies” all came from just three vines. They are absolutely perfect in size. Each will make precisely two pumpkin pies or two loaves of pumpkin bread. Oh yum! The flavor is super! Right now they are decorating the front steps leading to the porch but soon they will be brought inside, baked, pureed, and frozen for future use.

I still have 4 other pumpkins on the vine, just not quite ready yet and those seem a bit bigger. I may have planted a different kind. Don’t really recall. Memory like Dory, I got! Perhaps I wrote it down here! I’ll have to check my own archives. Blimey, who knew all my useless garden musing might actually be of some use?    :-)

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