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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Collecting seeds, Gotta love it!

It may sound bizarre, but I love collecting know... like Jay Leno collects cars, like little boys collect baseball cards, like little girls collect dolls, like Lindsey Lohan collects subpoenas ....hmmm, that one just slipped in, Sorry!

The point is, I love collecting seeds and simply having them around, almost like a potential garden in a box! That’s exactly what my collection is; a potential plethora of plants . I can visualize every single seed-- whether flower, vegetable or tree, annual, perennial, vine or herb, tropical or not-- bursting into bloom and leafing out and growing tall or sprawling on the ground in the case of a ground cover.

This time of year is when I take stock of what I have stashed away, mostly because I need more room for what I collect from this years crop of flowers and veggies. I always have tons stashed away, more than I should! I need to look through everything to start planting. Well, not really planting. I don’t actually want anything to grow now, going into winter. I just want the seeds in place to grow when they see fit once the snow melts and spring returns to the Poconos. *Sigh* it’s such a long wait for both me and the seeds!

It’s so wonderful to have mystery plants show up. Well, with a memory like mine (Dory comes to mind here) I forget all that I “Plant” so, I get surprised all the time. It’s good when I recognize them as plants I want, and bad when I forget they are not weeds and I yank them out. Of course, that is why I started this blog, to have a record of my garden adventures, including what seeds I scatter about and where! If only I can remember to check here before weeding in the spring...Hmm, wonder if I will?

So, I take stock of my seed collection. I take each seed packet or envelope or zip lock baggie out in turn, recalling from where I pilfered it. Oh, yes, I do a heck of a lot of pilfering of seeds. Can’t help it. At any botanical garden  I’m like a kleptomaniac at a Target store. Just can’t resist taking a seed. I’m truly ridiculous about it too. I mean to say, how many live oak nuts should I take home before I realize that I simply can’t grow one in Pennsylvania? If that number is a hundred, I’ve already exceeded that. I’m hopeless! Is there, by chance, a seed-pilferer’s anonymous? *


  1. love it- seed-pilferer's anonymous!

  2. LOL! Lady Samantha, you may have something there!


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