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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great reasons to plant trees around your home

In case you didn't know Arbor Days pop up all over the country each and every spring. Each state has its own Arbor Day and with that comes the celebration of trees. The Lorax of Dr. Seuss fame along with many a tree-hugger, environmentalist, nature conservationist, not to mention birds, squirrels and chipmunks, no doubt love this time of year. But if you are not one of these you may be wondering why you, the average homeowner, should celebrate this most holy of gardening holidays by planting a tree. If the beauty of a tree alone isn't enough to get you digging a hole for a tree whether it be a wee sapling or a six foot tall Spruce, a small ornamental or a huge shade producer then stick around. We'll go over a few great reasons to plant trees around your home.

Doesn't matter if it's a tiny bonsai on your windowsill, a Crimson Queen Japanese Red Maple, a huge Weeping Willow, a Magnolia Grandiflora perfuming the entire neighborhood, a Washington Hawthorn in its floral spring splendor or a Sugar Maple ablaze in autumn colors, all trees are beautiful. Needless to say a tree can beautify and gives year round interest to your landscape like nothing else.

Privacy Is King

Planting a row of evergreen trees around your yard will ensure your privacy without having to go to the added expense of an ugly chainlink fence. Another bonus is to the wildlife they attract. Birds love to nest particularly in evergreens as they provide great cover from predators and ample protection even through winter storms.

Breath Easy

Ever notice how fresh and clean the air smells in heavily forested areas? You would if you spend a considerable amount of time in big, noisy, dirty cities where a tree is a rarity. Trees are the reason for our clean air. They act as filters and the more you have around you the better you breath. You like breathing, don't you? Then plant a tree or seven of them.

Healthy world, Healthy You

As trees will make for a healthy environment just by being, so do they better your health. Studies have proven that plants reduce stress levels literally just by being there. From potted Palms in your home, a small Ficus in your office or an ornamental Banana on the patio they are all designed to make your blood pressure behave, your heart work properly and your general attitude to improve. Why question it? Just surround yourself with trees and perhaps you'll live at least half as long as they do.

Climate Control

Those big, bad cities where the only place you can more.

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