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Saturday, October 9, 2010

An oddity in the garden

There I was on a sunny Sunday, temperature around 65, very pleasant, listening to great music and....this is the odd part.....weeding. No, finding me weeding the garden, as huge as it is with so many flower beds, shrub borders and such, isn't the odd part. It is odd, however, that I actually enjoy doing it.

You got it. I like weeding. Why? Well, let's think....
#1. I'm in my favorite place.
#2. I'm among the flowers, bees, butterflies and tweeting birds.
#3. I'm doing something physical which will only improve my body (even as it hurts parts of it, like my back, wrist or shoulders, if I'm not careful)
#4. I'm relieving stress which I may not even know I have.
#5. I'm at peace in the garden.
#6. I get to think things through in the garden.
#7. I don't have to think at all in the garden.
#8. I can "write" a story or the next chapter of Violet's in Bloom in my head, while in the garden.
#9. I'm improving my garden.
#10. I'm imagining the garden next spring while I put it to rest this autumn.

So, I ask, what's not to love about weeding?

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