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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a great autumn

Here it is the end of October when I usually have to worry about killer frost and the occasional snow flurry, and just a few days ago I was out in just a sweatshirt digging out the Canna. Yes, it was a tad blustery and even cloudy but it got into the 60s! That never happens in the Pocono Mountains. At least not as far as I can recall and Ive been here 21 years.

So, I dug them out and placed them to cure in the greenhouse. Theyll have to stay in there for a week or so to ensure they are totally dry before I place them into their plastic tub full of peat moss for their long winter rest in the top shelf of the garage. There they will be safe not just from sub-zero temperatures but mostly mice and even moles who always find their way into a warm-ish garage, the greenhouse and even the tool shed for their own winter nesting place.

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