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Friday, October 1, 2010

When one door closes, a garden gate opens

I do like the sound of that! Here is what I mean.

This is my pond and if you look at the edges, where you see all that black plastic, that should be covered in water. The water normally reaches the large boulders along the edge, but in this hot dry summer it’s down quite a bit.

Frankly, I thought Mother nature was screwing with me, not giving me enough rain this summer, but I re-thought that. I took a closer look and found, much to my amazement, a thick layer of leaves on the dry edges of the pond. The 40 foot sugar maple which stands sentry by the manmade pond always drops its leaves into the water below and it collects at the bottom. This is supposedly horrible for the fish. The goldfish I have in the pond thrived without me going to extremes to pull out these leaves, after all.

This, however, is really great stuff for the compost pile. I filled up several pails full with this slimy leaf mold and onto the compost pile it went. I still had plenty to get out but I ran out of time that one day. I’d do it the next day, I told myself. I’d  get all that good stuff out and possibly thin the Lilies.

Well, wouldn’t you know it? It rained like the dickens the next day. After weeks and weeks of no rain, it decided to rain once I found a useful endeavor! The pond filled almost up to the top, too, hiding all that good leaf stuff again. Blimey! That’s when I knew Mother Nature really was screwing me.

But I need not have worried. Pond dried up enough for me to get most of it and what I couldn’t really get, I will the next time we have a hot, dry summer. Drought, it turns out, can be good.

So, one door closed and a garden gate opened. Sounds really good to me.

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