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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being shy stinks

Japanese Red Maple.

So, I was taking Justin to Devereoux for his work rehab-Links program, when on the way I see 3 scarlet trees in front a of a neighbors house. They were simply gorgeous and I so wanted to take pictures of them. But I didnt know these neighbors, not by name nor by sight. I didnt think they would take it kindly if some stranger started taking picture of their home or yard. But I did think I could ask them and explain about my gardening obsession and my subsequent gardening blog.

Still I hesitated. Im dreadfully shy. What if they thought I was a lunatic? Yes, I know darn well that I am one but I neednt inform the neighbors of that fact. So, I wondered what you would think if I showed up on your doorstep with a camera in hand and said, Hello, Im Glory Lennon from down the road a bit and I spotted your beautiful trees and thought, if you dont mind, that I might like to take a few pictures of them to post on my gardening blog. I dont have to say whose trees they are, mention your name nor tell anyone where your house is if youd rather I not do that. But I could if youd like attribution. All up to you. What do you think?

Would you pull out a shotgun before I got past hello or would you say, Sure! No problem! Do what you like!  Really, tell me, I want to know!


  1. I'd be very happy to grant permission, Glory. And I wouldn't hesitate to ask for that same permission, even from strangers. I'm taking pictures of cool barns this month, and haven't ask anyone if I could. Should I? I don't trespass.

  2. By the way, Glory -- the blood-red Japanese Maples around here were by far the most aggressive color displayed. Just gorgeous.

  3. Well, you are not shy, Jim! That's the point. Maybe if you ask for me? Please? LOL The sugar maples are always my favorites, all blazing pink, orange, yellow and green together almost a sunset on a tree!


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