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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ghostly pumpkins

Justin with the pumpkins which made a very pretty autumn decoration.

Recall I mentioned hybrid white pumpkins? I thought Id talk about them today. They were a present from my son Justins speech therapist, actually just the vines from which these grew. She had started too many plants indoors and knew I was a gardening nut, so, she brought over her extra seedlings. Wasnt that awfully nice of her? Got about 5-6 really magnificent ghostly pumpkins from those 3 vines. Even have a picture of them with one of the kids. Better look it up. (I did after about an hour of hunting through all the picture we ever took!) 
This Brandon with the pumpkins.
Those vines, like so many other vines, crept out of the garden and climbed up the grape arbor, grew through the lattice and under the arbor too. That was supposed to be my reading spot but as the vines took over there, I had to find another one. I didnt think they would grow very well under there. There was substantial shade under the lattice, but they did wonderfully. I figure, you simply cant stop a good vine, unless youre willing to hack it to death. ~Horrors!~ I would never do that.
Told you the vines took over my reading spot under the arbor.

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