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Sunday, November 7, 2010

One gardener’s flower is another’s weed

Monk's Hood, Aconitum or Wolfsbane, whatever you call, it's the last to bloom in my garden.
So, I was chatting with an online buddy who was lamenting the lack of colorful display this autumn. He didnt seem to recall that he had said the exact same about last autumn. I agreed that the colors didnt seem quite as spectacular as other times but still, it has been a wonderful autumn, warmer than usual and just nicer to behold and to be out doing those last minute things before we can say good bye to the growing season and hunker down for winter time.

Its usually during bitter cold days with snow flurries flying about that the hoses are dragged inside, curled up properly and hung on the garage walls for storage. No, we cannot leave them out all winter, especially not connected. Even the water is turned off outside. To leave them open would be asking for trouble.

No, all in all, its been rather nice this autumn and I cant complain at all. I just looked out the window and saw the Kwanzan Weeping cherry tree in its brightest yellow-- most brilliant I can recall anyway. Leaves are blowing about in the breeze but it does look especially nice against the evergreen backdrop made by the towering blue spruces. 

Right underneath the Cherry tree is a Burning bush aflame in crimson.I even have a few flowers still blooming happily. Blue Monks hoods (AKA Aconitum or Wolfsbane) last an extraordinary time blooming when all else has gone to sleep, well past several chilling frosts too. Talk about hardy! Love that plant, indeed.

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