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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What the heck's with the tires?

I suppose you may be wondering why I have a few plants growing inside tires and I thought I'd let you know, lest you think me totally nuts. It's perfectly okay if you still do, so no matter! T'is the rabbits, my dear garden friends. They are all over the place here and eat to their fill of all sorts of things... Asiatic Lilies, Hosta, Burning bushes, French Pussy Willow, heck even Calendula isn't safe from these fiends....unless I place them safely within a tire. You got it. Rabbits won't go near the tires. Don't ask me why...couldn't tell ya! All I know is I can actually have un-nibbled bok choy, Swiss chard, squash seedlings and well, anything now...just as long as I grow them, at least until they are established, without the rabbits getting at them. Funny, huh? Of course it does make for a rather strange looking garden design but what is more important? Looks or having fresh veggies? As you can see, I pick the veggies!


  1. That's so funny. I have a friend who plants potatoes in tires. She just keeps stacking them up. Last year, she got 50 lbs. of potatoes from a 10-tire stack. I asked her if she was worried about the stuff that leached into the soil from the tires, and she said it was no worse than what they spray on the commercial stuff, so she's good. Personally, I couldn't eat anything grown in a tire.

  2. It really isn't grown in a tire, Deb. The soil doesn't really fill the tire up. The tire is just a ring around my plants. I've heard some complain about that but the rabbits are killing me and they really won't bother plants inside the tires. No idea why. maybe they're scared of getting run over??? Silly are for the garden!LOL!


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