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Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm thankful for

You best get comfortable because this may take a great long while. Yes, I'm thankful for soooooo many things and here are just a few of them.

1. I'm living in the USA. Many people do (and many more wish to), but very few of them realize how amazing a place this is.
2. I have a healthy body and mind. So many suffer from sundry illnesses and ailments both physical and mental and yet I don't.
3. I have a husband, Tommy, who gets me (that, in itself, is bizarre and wonderful), loves me (despite myself!) and always seems to want to be with me (really, he tells me this all the time!)

4. I have kids that make me smile, laugh, cry and drive me nuts, sometimes all at once!
5. I have a lovely place to grow a garden full of flowers.
6. I can learn from my mistakes. Some never do. Poor fools!
7. I can cook with ease and feed my gang with hardly a bit of trouble.
8. I can help Tommy with his paperwork, cutting his work load at least a bit.
9. Everyone, for the most part, is healthy in my family.
10. We've been blessed with good fortune.
11. I can write and actually be understood! Tell me that's not cool.
12. I have friends who like to read what I write! That's even more cool!
13. My parents taught me well. So many people don't have that and suffer through life because of it.
14. My Tommy takes me away from the cold weather a few times every winter. It truly helps make winters more endurable to this tropical girl.
15. My love of plants has led to a career I never expected.
16. I've found wonderful friends who also love writing.
17. I can bake the cookies, pies and cakes my family love.
18. I've learned to be frugal from my parents. This has helped in everything!
19. I have a car that takes me from point A to point B without much trouble.
20. I have a very comfortable home when so many have none.
21. I have a laptop which takes me to other parts of the world without leaving home.
22. I don't suffer from taking-yourself-too-seriously-syndrome.
23. I love that Tommy and the kids make me laugh everyday.
24. I can hear music. Some folks can't hear anything.
25. I live in a peaceful section of the world. So many places in the world never know peace.
26. I can learn something new everyday.
27. I was "stuck" with an autistic child because we've done pretty well making him a happy, productive and relatively self sufficient person.
28. I like it that TV stinks now. It frees me from having to waste my time sitting in front of it when I could be writing a story instead.
29. I love this blog which keeps me thinking. I love to think, don't ask me why.
30. I love that people actually may read this!

I have much more to be grateful for but you get the gist of it, I'm sure. I do hope you have a list twice as long. Happy Thanksgiving day!


  1. You are blessed in so many ways. I loved reading this list, especially #28!:) Hope you're having a wonderful, happy, safe holiday weekend with your family.

  2. I used to be bummed about not having anything to watch, anything worth watching I should say. Plenty of junk on TV, that's for certain. Now I get happy. Yay! time to write! LOL!


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