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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Avatar: A nature film

Laugh if you must, but that is what I saw in the movie Avatar, a nature film. Yes, we all heard the hypeBest fricken movie EVER! But no one said anything about it being a nature film. Well, I suppose thats because no one quite sees things as I do. No harm there. Most folks were talking about the dazzling computer animation of Avatar and nothing else.

Yes, that was rather impressive but still, best film ever? Hardly. I thought it was good, but I doubt anyone even remembers much of what interested and intrigued me about Avatar. I saw a film full of magical, beautiful scenery mostly of a wonderful (albeit make-believe) world in which very agile blue people lived in harmony with plants. For this self-professed Lorax/obsessive gardener, that was one for the booksgardening books I suppose.

So, that is what I liked about the movie. Frankly, I had no intention of seeing this movie at all. I didnt think it would interest me in the slightest and all the ballahooing of it being the best ever, just confirmed that. I rarely like, let alone love, films which get excessive praise and those which win all the awards. Hollywood has gone downhill for me. They havent produced anything I wouldnt mind seeing more than once since Stranger than fiction. (You probably dont even recall this Emma Thomson/Will Farrow/Dustin Hoffman movie, but I truly liked it and Ill tell you why some other timeif you care, that is!)

But back to Avatar. Tommy brought it home and said, Lets watch it. We might be surprised and actually like it. No, neither of us truly believed this but what else was there to do on a snowy, cold night? We had long since told ourselves that if we dont have high expectations of a movie, we might not be so badly disappointed. It usually works and so we were not expecting too much.

Well, it was slow to grab me but once it did, I was prepared to like it. But then I heard the Military man in the moviedont recall his name. He was the mean one, the one that wanted to blow up the entire place, people and all. I had a choice name, but I cant say it herewell, this mean dude my military enthusiast, former marine friend Terry M. calls him Colonel No-Soul so, I think well go with that;-)--called the Avatar world, Pandora, a hellhole. Hellhole? Does this guy not know what a hellhole is? He, of all people, should. He was the one bragging about all the horrible places where he had endured wars. Obviously not!

Did any of you get passed the amazing graphics or whatever it was called to see how lovely Pandora actually was? This was no hellhole! The trees, the flowers, the luminescent mushrooms that danced and fascinated like something out of a Disney movieremember Fantasia? were gorgeous! All that was missing were fairies. In reality this movie was an almost complete rip-off of the animated film Fern Gully (circa~1995) which actually did have rain forest fairies in it and they also were trying to protect their rain forest home from greedy businessmen, much the same way as in Avatar. Gees, is nothing original in Hollywood anymore?

But I digresssorry. My point is that Pandora was simply a beautiful place, with lovely views of dense forests containing astonishingly beautiful flora and well, bizarre and rather vicious fauna. But the most amazing part is that the inhabitants of Pandorashall I dare call them Pandorians?were quite at peace in their forest home. I couldnt blame Jake, the guy in the wheelchair, for wanting to become one of them. They were living the good life, a peaceful, simple life.

At least they had been until the greedy so-and-so destroyed their home in order to get what they desperately wanted. So much for peace, huh? Well, it worked out in the end for the Pandorians anyway.sort of. Their home was destroyed but at least they ousted off their planet those greedy, menacing, hateful beasts. No, Im not talking about the animals in the forest. They were down right nice in comparison.

I digressed again, didnt I? Forgive me. Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with real plants, real gardening and real life. Well, I liked the Botany lady in the film, Grace played by Signorny Weaver. At least I did when she was shot. Jake was trying to save her by taking her to the sacred place. Well, on the way someone said something to her about a plant and what did she say?

Well, she didnt say what most people in her dire situation would have said. Something like, What the heck do I care? Im dying here! No, she didnt say anything close to that.

Ooh, I gotta get a sample of that, she said, clutching at the gaping and bleeding wound on her abdomen.

I loved that! She was dying and her plants was the only thing she was interested in.Doesnt that sound a tad like someone you know and (hopefully?) love? Yes, I thought so too. ;-)

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