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Monday, December 27, 2010

Flowers by Tommy

 Tommys mother calls up and asks if hell be going by Long Island at all before Christmas. He happened to have some work to do there, so yes, he would. She then asks him to take some flowers to place on his dads grave. He readily agrees and goes off to buy some artificial flowers. At this particular cemetery they only allow these kinds and in this sub-zero weather we can understand why. They would be dead and quite ugly within a few minutes.

This is what he brought home. It was a poinsettia bush but as that wasnt quite enough he grabbed more bunches of this and that and just stuck them in every which way. I asked him, almost begged, to let me fix it up a bit but he said it was fine. Not that Im a grand flower arranger but I might have been able to do a little better than this. Hes a man of many talents but flowers? Not so much. Looking at it though, its not too bad for a guy with no eye for flowers.

Flowers by Tommy. Who knew, huh?
Anyone willing to have Tommy do the flowers for your wedding?

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