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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The great peanut harvest of 2010!

Okay, so it's not that great a harvest and it's not even mine, but I was so very impressed that I had to show you this. My dear friend Julie Helms who is one busy lady--she not only runs, the Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange, a home-school supply store and a full-fledged sheep farm--goats, chickens, dogs and cats in the mix too!-- but she manages Helium's Pets and Animals channel and she occasionally speaks about lovable giants, too!

But back to the peanuts... Julie said she got one plant from a friend and planted it not expecting to get anything from them. After all, is it likely that peanuts, which are known as a warm weather sort of plant to grow very well if at all in Pennsylvania? I wouldn't think so and neither did Julie. Well, lo and behold she pulls out the plant after the leaves died and dry up and thar she is! The great peanut harvest of 2010!  I believe she said there were 18 in total and rather pathetic looking. I, on the other hand, thought it was wonderful!

Next time I'll show you the not so great Hazelnut harvest of about pathetic!


  1. Hi Glory,
    Forgive me but I am testing to see how to get a post to work (I was denied before). Over on Raymonds blog it took me when I put in woolyacres instead of my name. Obviously I filled out something wrong somewhere along the line! Anyway, fell free to delete this if I am successful!
    Julie :-)

  2. Love you whether you're Julie, Abby or Wooly Acres. No biggie!


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