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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hazelnut harvest 2009

I was quite proud of my hazelnut harvest of last year, 2009. As soon as they were dry-ish on the shrub I plucked off each pretty little husk which contained two nuts. I didn't quite know when the proper time was to harvest them but  it seemed to be all right. As it turned out, I should have listened to my better judgement and done this year as I did last time. Why? Well, I'm rather reluctant to show you this year's pathetic harvest but as I did take a picture, you won't need to use your imagination.

Yes, that is it, two of the smallest, scrawniest nuts and there you have the grand hazelnuts harvest 2010.

What went wrong, you ask? Silly me, I decided to leave the pretty husks up on the shrubs to dry a bit more. The weather was fine and warm, not the usual rainy October so, I thought it would be good for them to stay where they were. That was a great idea but not for me. The deer, however, they thought it perfect since they missed out on last year's bumper crop.  They left not one tiny husk on the shrubs. I had to scour the ground for the two bitty ones I found. I was not happy. Live and learn.


  1. Lol! Funny story-- I do a lot of living and learning! Did the load seem as heavy as the year before (before the deer got it?) I have English walnuts and they seem to fluctuate every other year. One they will be loaded with 100s and the next there might be 2.

  2. I saw the harvest would have been as great as the one before. That's the tragedy of it! Ah, well, I still have nuts left over from last year so I really shouldn't complain.


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