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Monday, December 13, 2010

I wasn't about to leave all the tomatoes to freeze out there!

Yes, that is a potted tomato plant. I grew this one in the pot  all summer for this exact purpose, to bring it into the house right before the killer frosts. I was determined to have tomatoes fresh off the vine for as long as possible. Well, I'll have you know it's doing rather well and has given me three pretty little tomatoes ripe as can be and sweet as they come. Pays to be a gardening nut!


  1. I still have my veggies outside, and I won't bring them in this year. The one tomato (Sweet 100) and eggplant and one pepper are in huge pots and the two peppers in 5 gallon pots haven't really done much. I will bring in my herbs if it gets down to freezing, but even at that, I only have the rosemary and oregano, and a couple of baby globe basils that I may or may not dig up and put in smaller pots for the house. My house looks like a tropical jungle right now with all the ornamentals inside.

  2. Mine looks like that year round! A friend once called my living room--the extra sunny one with the big picture window--the Florida room. Does look jungle-y. LOL


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